Kelela Cruises Into A Visual For ‘Divorce (DJ Manny Remix)’

Photo Credit: Kelela/YouTube

It’s been a few weeks since Kelela dropped her latest project RAVE:N, The Remixes, a 20-track set of remixes of songs from her 2023 effort Raven. In addition to the eclectic collection of reimagined tunes, the singer has come through on the visual tip with what she’s been calling “vignettes” for a few tracks. She is now onto her sixth vignette, delivering a video for “Divorce (DJ Manny Remix).”

Kelela continues her creative collaboration with director Yasser Abubeker for “Divorce (DJ Manny Remix).” Abubeker has been behind the camera on all of the RAVE:N, The Remixes vignettes as well as videos for Raven’s “Washed Away” and “Enough For Love.” All of the visuals are as different as each song, and Kelela switches it up yet again.

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Here, Abubeker captures Kelela in the back seat of a moving car while DJ Manny’s drum and bass remix plays. It’s nighttime and the city lights are bright, but Kelela’s light is noticeably dimmed. She stares outta the half-open window, sometimes mouthing the lyrics but often just sitting there looking dejected. We get interior and exterior shots of her in the vehicle as she’s being driven around the unknown city. Near the end of the visual, her emotions get the better of her and we see her wiping away tears.

This clip for “Divorce (DJ Manny Remix)” follows vignettes for “Contact (Karen Nyame KG Remix),” “Closure (Flexulant x BAMBII Remix),” “Happy Ending (A.G Remix),” “Holier (JD. REID Remix)” and “Fooley (LEECH Ambient Queen Remix).” Kelela has already released more visuals from RAVE:N, The Remixes than she did for Raven. We’re not sure if she has more remixed vignettes on the way, but we’re intrigued and excited by the possibility.

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Watch Kelela cruise into the night and her feelings in the “Divorce (DJ Manny Remix)” vignette right here.

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