Hiatus Kaiyote Is Ready To ‘Make Friends’ With Upcoming Album ‘Love Heart Cheat Code’

Photo Credit: Hiatus Kaiyote/Facebook

Hiatus Kaiyote albums seem to stay with us longer than most. So we were just getting over 2021’s Mood Valiant when they went and dropped “Everything's Beautiful” and blew our minds once again. The Australian outfit rarely drops anything just for fun, so we’re not surprised that the single was an omen for what’s to come. And that would be their upcoming album Love Heart Cheat Code. To make sure that we know they’re coming in hot, the group has also released the set’s new single “Make Friends.”

“Make Friends” continues their jazzy, left-of-center take on soul. They dazzle with melody that combines inventive keys, a spiraling bass line and guitar that throws us for a loop. Meanwhile, Nai Palm once again weaves a mystifying tale with poetic lyrics and ethereal vocals.

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The verses talk about specific people, but the bridge and chorus are where she gets into some existential truths. “Too many people, some of them rotten / Where are the good ones, how do we find them?” she questions. “What is it for? / Who we like? Who we ignore? / You don’t make friends, you recognize them.”

The crew haven’t delivered an official music video for “Make Friends” just yet, but they did give us a weird, ’80s-style faux-mercial for the fictional LHCC Mart. The quartet play store workers inviting us to come on down for community, customer service, friendship, romance, divination, haircuts and memories as they slide deeper and deeper into the strange.

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What’s not strange, however, is that Love Heart Cheat Code will be arriving just in time for summer on June 28th. You can pre-order/pre-save the set now, however, right after you stream “Make Friends” below. Then stick around to see the album cover art and tracklist and get your daily dose of strange with their faux-mercial for LHCC Mart below.

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Photo Credit: Brainfeeder

Hiatus Kaiyote Love Heart Cheat Code tracklist:

1. Dreamboat
2. Telescope
3. Make Friends
4. BMO is Beautiful feat. BMO from Adventure Time
5. Everything’s Beautiful
6. Dimitri
7. Longcat
8. How To Meet Yourself
9. Love Heart Cheat Code
10. Cinnamon Temple
11. White Rabbit

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