Halle Sings Of An Epic Kind Of Love With ‘In Your Hands’

Photo Credit: Julian Dakdouk

Halle has been quite the busy lady in the past year. Not only did she make her big screen acting debut in The Little Mermaid and then follow it up with a role in the much-talked-about movie musical adaptation of The Color Purple, but she also released her debut solo single “Angel” to great acclaim — including snagging a GRAMMY nomination for her efforts. And to think she did all this while privately welcoming the birth of her first child. Halle isn’t done, though, as she’s back in her music bag once again with her second solo single “In Your Hands.”

“Angel” proved that your girl Halle likes a dramatic, moody ballad. “In Your Hands” confirms this further. Produced by Dem Jointz and Davekeyz, the track shirks most percussion as it lets piano, electric guitar and the singer’s vocals do all the melodic heavy lifting. And lift she does as she paints the picture of an epic love that transcends the world as long as her man doesn’t let it get in the way of a good thing.

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“Don’t let the world ruin it / ’Cause you got one chance,” she sings on the chorus. “All in your hands, in your hands / The world is yours when I’m in it / In your hands, in your hands / You can’t let go or you’ll lose your chance / ’Cause after me, you’ll never fall in love again, la, la, la.”

The song’s music video is equally dramatic. In it, we see Halle fly solo while sitting in what appears to be a desert. She performs the song’s opening verse in a nighttime setting while draped in a gorgeous black gown at first. The sun eventually rises on her, however. And when it does, it reveals a teal two-piece outfit consisting of a bra top and skirt adorned in intricate curlicues. It also happens to match the electric guitar that she wails on while delivering one last round of the chorus before the video’s end. The singer does manage to squeeze in one last surprise before the song’s end, though, as we get a fleeting glimpse of her baby boy Halo before it all fades to black.

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“In Your Hands” is more of what we’re starting to expect from Halle on the solo tip. And with the possibility of a solo LP looming, we are anxious to hear what else she has to offer. You can find both the stream and visual for the song when you look below.

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