Debbie Is Over Heartache & Her Ex On ‘It’s Been A Week’

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The last time we checked in with Debbie, the rising British singer-songwriter was letting life’s problems roll off her back as she committed to dance through life’s difficulties with her single “Rain.” When it comes to affairs of the heart, however, that’s easier said than done. The young star is now delving into that emotional territory as she faces a tough breakup on her new single “It’s Been A Week.”

The mood for “It’s Been A Week” is set immediately thanks to production from Jay Reynolds and Jordan Riley. They begin the song with the broken-hearted strumming of a guitar, allowing Debbie to get through a verse and pre-chorus before dropping rock-inspired drums into the mix to juxtapose the sadness and anger that the singer is feeling.

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Debbie, meanwhile, allows herself to unleash her emotions. “It’s been a week / Since you last called me / I’m in the deep / Fire and bleach, lonely,” she sings. “Left by the bathroom floor / Trying to mend my soul.” Later in the chorus, she further lashes out at her former flame, even letting a few fiery f-bombs drop as she lets him know exactly how he hurt her.

“I always wanted to experience romantic love growing up… I think it’s because I was quite isolated and the only example of romance I had was TV and movies,” Debbie said about the song in a press release. “Unfortunately, that led me to some dumb decisions, as I was kinda naive to the reality of finding ‘true love.’ ‘It’s Been A Week’ is a reflection (albeit a dramatic one) of pain and regret I was feeling with one particular lover. I was just expressing myself and escaping.”

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Anyone who’s ever fallen in and out of love should be able to feel her pain on this one. And if you haven’t had the experience just yet, then allow Debbie to give you an idea of what it’s like when you listen to “It’s Been A Week” below.

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