Yeehaw! Beyoncé’s Country Album Is Titled ‘act ii. COWBOY CARTER’

Photo Credit: Beyoncé/Instagram

Beyoncé is back in the saddle!

The iconic R&B and pop artist has entered her country era with a bang with the release of singles “TEXAS HOLD ’EM” and “16 CARRIAGES.” She dropped the southern-fried songs in unison in February along with the announcement that they were the first tracks from her next album. The highly anticipated project is the second installment of her planned album trilogy that began with act i. RENAISSANCE and will be her first foray into a full country collection. Initially assumed to be entitled act ii. RENAISSANCE, Beyoncé has unveiled the LP’s actual title weeks before its release and it is named act ii. COWBOY CARTER.

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After taking us to the disco on act i. RENAISSANCE, Houston’s finest is inviting us to the rodeo on act ii. COWBOY CARTER. Her label Parkwood Entertainment announced the title on their socials with a photograph of an ornate leather and silver saddle against a black background. Draped over the saddle is a red, white and blue sash with COWBOY CARTER written in bold black letters.

The image may or may not be the final cover art, but we do notice a connection between act i.’s artwork and this potential act ii. cover. We imagine this is the saddle for Reneigh, Bey’s mirrorball horse on RENAISSANCE that she sat on bareback. We look forward to seeing what the official album cover looks like when it drops and what direction the final act, act iii., goes in when it’s time for that project to bow.

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Beyoncé’s act ii. COWBOY CARTER is still scheduled for release on Friday, March 29th. For Beyhive members who want to own a physical copy of the album, limited edition CD, vinyl and box sets are available for pre-order now on Beyoncé’s website.

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