SZA Yearns For A Better Life On ‘Saturn’

Photo Credit: Cassidy Meyers

2023 might have been the year of SZA, but it seems like 2024 might be shaping up for a repeat. The singer-songwriter was one of the big nominees and winners at this year’s GRAMMY Awards and has teased that a deluxe edition of her hit album SOS, which will be named LANA, will be arriving at some point this year. Now she’s giving us a possible first taste of that project with the release of her new single “Saturn.”

“Saturn,” which technically made its debut with a special recorded performance from Mastercard’s GRAMMY House during this year’s telecast, is SZA in her element. The production here features layered gauzy and soft synth, guitar and layered backing vocals. It acts as a cloud on which the singer balances some of her heavier thoughts about life here on Earth.

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“Stuck in this paradigm / Don’t believe in paradise / This must be what Hell is like / There’s got to be more, got to be more,” she sings before the song’s chorus. “Sick of this head of mine / Intrusive thoughts, they paralyzе / Nirvana’s not as advertised / Therе’s got to be more, been here before.”

She goes on to envision life being better on another planet far from here. She picks Saturn, as she imagines an existence on the ringed planet might do the trick, singing, “I’ll be better on Saturn / None of this matters / Dreaming of Saturn.”

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“Saturn” further shows SZA’s gifts as a songwriter and her ability to express what many are thinking through her unique lyrics and point of view. It’s also sure to get fans eager for LANA whenever the singer announces its release date. Get into a stream of the “Saturn” single EP (which includes a live and a cappella version of the track) right here. Then stick around to peep the inspired live performance from the GRAMMY House below.

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