Sinéad Harnett Is ‘Thinking Less’ & Less About Her Lover

Photo Credit: Sinéad Harnett/YouTube

Sinéad Harnett is setting up a musical therapy for all of us with her upcoming LP Boundaries. We’ve already logged one poetic session with her when she released the set’s lead single “Say Something.” Now we’re spending some more time on her couch as she teaches us to detach from the romantic ties that bind on its second single “Thinking Less.”

Produced by Jayla Darden, “Thinking Less” finds Sinéad establishing boundaries with a lover who just isn’t doing right by her. As the song’s sound bed of dreamy guitar meets mellow programmed drums, she sets things straight as she comes to the realization that her current situation no longer serves her.

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“Your actions ain’t matchin’ with the things you say / Seems things changed / Keep fallin’ for potential / But you ain’t even find that special,” she sings on the song’s opening verse. “Don’t blame me for your issues / And I won’t blame you for mine.” Her change of heart doesn’t seem to be a sad realization, though, as she makes sure that he knows he’s on her mind less and less these days.

The song also comes packaged with its own performance video. It shows the singer sitting on a bed of flowers similar to what we saw in the Boundaries album trailer. This time around, she sings the song’s lyrics while posing it up for the camera in a glamorous and revealing red dress. There’s not necessarily a narrative going on here, but she definitely sells the song quite well.

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Sinéad Harnett might be “Thinking Less” about him these days, but she’s at the top of our minds with this one. Check out the son’gs stream and performance video when you head below.

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