Ryan Destiny Can’t Get Over ‘How Your Hands Feel’

Photo Credit: Steven Simione

We haven’t heard much musically from singer/actress Ryan Destiny over the past year. Though she rode into 2023 with her single “How Many” and followed it up with “Lie Like That,” she’s spent most of her time since radio silent. That silence, thankfully, breaks now as she drops her newest single “How Your Hands Feel.”

“How Your Hands Feel” is a sexy tune with a throwback feel. Production-wise, the song borrows some elements from the ’80s (airy synth, programmed drums, sensual electric guitar) as producer Trackside channels the era. Ryan, on the other hand, reminisces about an ex whose touch makes other men pale in comparison.

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It seems that she can’t escape the thought, especially since her current guy just ain’t doing things the way she likes. “You said my sidе is beside myself / But that’s where I’m at, yeah, yeah,” she sings at one point. “If you can’t show me what’s good tonight / Then what’s good with someone else? / I try to forget / How your hands feel.”

Though “How Your Hands Feel” is the first new original music we’ve gotten from Ryan Destiny in a while, we get the feeling that there’s more where it came from. And we’ll be here for all of it whenever she’s ready to share. In the meantime, get into “How Your Hands Feel” when you press play below.

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