Misha, BeMyFiasco & Evil Needle Are ‘Radiant’ Together On ‘Your Body’

Photo Credit: Misha/Instagram

As he prepares for the release of his new album Radiant, producer Misha treats fans to another stunning single from the project. This time he teams up with +FE Music songstress BeMyFiasco and legendary producer Evil Needle for “Your Body,” a sultry groove perfect for the club, the car or the couch.

Over a sensual blend of lusty R&B and the magnetic energy of Afrobeats, BeMyFiasco sings of the draw and desire felt when two lock eyes on the dance floor. Her signature tone paints a vivid picture as she sings, “I see ya to the left / I might just go against my type tonight / He said if you gonna stay on the dance floor, make me have to endure / Your body, your body.” 

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Misha’s brand-new offering serves as the latest listen from Radiant following previous singles “Question,” ”Keep on,” “Knots” and “Sweet Spot.” Described as “cosmic” and “hopeful,” the feel-good album is shaping up to be a vibrant contrast to his 2022 debut Nocturnal.

The Finnish producer shared more details about the project on Bandcamp. “These are soulful R&B tracks and downtempo vibes. ‎Electrified hip-hop meets synthy grooves meets boombox beats,” is how he describes the 10-song LP. Looking to shed a bit of light on an otherwise dark world, he says, “I hope it makes you feel happy and loved. Shine bright like the sun. You’re radiant!”

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Spread love and light, and give Misha’s “Your Body” featuring BeMyFiasco and Evil Needle a spin right here. Plug the track into your adult time playlists from your preferred digital music platforms and pre-order the full Radiant album on Bandcamp before its Friday, April 5th release date. Vinyl lovers will also want to move fast to get their hands on the limited edition 12” black vinyl. View Radiant’s cover art and full tracklist below.

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Photo Credit: Nico Brausch

Misha Radiant tracklist:

1. Welcome To Radiant feat. Specks Funky Johnson
2. Question feat. Amber Navran & Jussi Halme
3. Knots feat. Reva DeVito
4. Your Body feat. BeMyFiasco & Evil Needle
5. Buzz feat. Katori Walker
6. Sweet Spot feat. Tiffany Paige & Sattalite
7. Keep on feat. Ayelle & Jussi Halme
8. Prove it feat. G Mills
9. Back There feat. Nate Smith, Dornik & Jussi Halme
10. Afterglow

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