Keith Sweat Is Ready For Some Sexual Healing With ‘Lay You Down’

Photo Credit: Keith Sweat/Spotify

After four decades in the recording industry, Keith Sweat’s music career isn’t slowing down. As a matter of fact, his catalog is growing with the release of his latest single “Lay You Down.”

As the title suggests, the man who brought us slow jam classics like “Make It Last Forever” and “Nobody” is back in his loverboy bag and charming his way into a woman’s bedroom. In this instance, the woman is Keith’s lady, and from the sound of his spoken intro, he messed up and is ready for them to makeup. He has some sexual healing in mind.

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“’Cause I just want to lay you down / I’m so into you, make love I will do / You got me thinking / I just want to lay you down / I’m so into you, there’s nothing I’ll do,” he croons on the chorus about his desire to get physical. Keith keeps it just as classy and respectful for most of the song, only getting a little risqué on the second verse with the lyrics, “Tasting your, your Nestle / ’Cause chocolate I adore / Ooh, baby / Want you to just kiss me / Let me see how it taste.”

“Lay You Down” is co-written by Jermaine Robbins, Wirlie Morris and Sweat. Morris is also the song’s producer and plays all instruments, laying down a silky sound bed of keys, bass and drums for Keith to do what he does best.

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Keith Sweat released “Lay You Down” on Valentine’s Day for all of the lovers to enjoy and add to their sexy-time soundtracks. Incorporate the track onto your very own playlists from your choice of digital music platforms, and keep an eye out for the music video that Keith teased on Instagram.

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