Ariana Grande Lands Mariah Carey For The ‘yes, and?’ Remix As We Prepare To Bask In Her ‘eternal sunshine’

’Photo Credit: Katia Temkin

Pop divas unite! Ariana Grande is no stranger to comparisons to grand diva Mariah Carey. In fact, she’s been getting them since the beginning of her career. The star embraced them, however, and even eventually collaborated with Mariah for her holiday track “Oh Santa” back in 2020. That occasion wasn’t just a one-off, though, as now Mariah returns the favor by guesting on a remix for “yes, and?” that’s sure to get fans of both in a tizzy.

The remix starts similarly enough, with the electric piano loop and Ariana reaching into her whistle tone bag. That is soon joined by MC’s unmistakable whistle tone as well as the Max Martin-produced track kicks into high gear. Ariana’s part of the song remains mostly unchanged, though Mariah peppers the song with her own ad-libs and added harmonies to key parts.

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The biggest change here is Mariah getting her own verse, reminding us of her own flirtations with house and dance in the early ’90s. “Now I’m so done with sharing / This hypocrisy with you,” she sings. “Baby, you have been rejected / Go back, no more pretending, bye.” It’s not exactly Shakespeare, but it does match with the song’s overall theme of shirking off the public’s sense of entitlement.

This new remix is sure to spark even more clamoring for Ariana’s upcoming album eternal sunshine, though there is no word on if this remix will make the cut. Either way, this match-up is one you have to hear to believe. Check out the second coming of Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey when you listen to the remix of “yes, and?” and watch its lyric video below. Look for eternal sunshine to arrive on March 8th.

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