Andra Day Sets The Record Straight With A Former Flame On ‘Probably’

Photo Credit: Warner Records

A new month brings yet another new single from the talented Andra Day. The singer-songwriter just dropped off “Where Do We Go,” the lead single from her upcoming album Cassandra, under a month ago. She’s wasting no time in the project’s rollout, though, as we’ve now got the next song from the set with “Probably.”

Where “Where Do We Go” dealt with rekindling a former flame, “Probably” is about definitively extinguishing that flame. The singer doesn’t do it with some sad song and dance, however. The song opens with rolling electric piano, a hint of strings and snaps to help her set the scene. She lays out the scenario quite well as she describes how her beau had the ability to pull her out of her character while constantly playing the victim. The chorus finds her accepting that she’ll always be painted as the villain in this story, though she’ll always know the truth.

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“You probably tell the world that I hated you / But you know more than anyone, that’s far from true / I loved you,” she sings as the drums kick in. “Probably tell the world I didn’t believe in you / But you know more than anyone, I’m solid, boo / I loved you.”

The classic soul sound with a modern twist is what we’ve come to expect from Andra Day. And she does it quite well on “Probably.” Now if she would just stop being stingy with that album release date. While we consult the cards about exactly when this spring we can expect Cassandra, take a listen to “Probably” and watch its visualizer below.

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