Van Hunt Delivers On His Promises With ‘Our Love Lingers’

Photo Credit: Van Hunt/Instagram

It’s a big day for our main man Van Hunt. The revered singer-songwriter who recently announced the start of his new label, OnTheHunt Music Group, takes a major step with the first output from the fledgling company. That output happens to be a brand-new single from Van himself that’s lovingly title “Our Love Lingers.”

You don’t have to look far to find the inspiration for the track. Van is smitten with his lady love Halle Berry and the two don’t miss a moment to publicly show each other affection. “Our Love Lingers” is yet another example of that as Van sings of a love that has staying power.

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He pulls out all the stops for the song’s instrumentation. Piano, strings, bass and various synths are all utilized at the beginning of this loving ode. Meanwhile, Van flexes his sizeable songwriting skills to wax poetic about the things that keep love hanging on despite the passage of time.

“You think time won’t deliver / On our promises? / You think I won’t remember / The things we said / With the echo so limber / Bouncing overhead,” he sings in a slightly distorted voice at one point. “Our love lingers / Our love lingers.” The next portion of the song then switches to programmed drums as things get funkier while still remaining flowery and romantic.

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Van Hunt has another stunner on his hands, and we have a strong feeling “Our Love Lingers” will be lingering on our playlists all year long. Allow him to serenade you like only he can when you listen to his latest below.

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