Naomi Sharon Thinks There’s ‘Nothing Sweeter’ Than Falling In Love

Photo Credit: Naomi Sharon/Facebook

Very few feelings compare to the hopeful bliss of budding romance. During those early stages of a relationship, it’s as if you’ve found your perfect match and even the simplest of gestures become sentimental. Often referred to as the “honeymoon phase,” couples are flooded with emotions and feel free to let love flourish. On her latest single “Nothing Sweeter,” singer-songwriter Naomi Sharon captures this sentiment through poetic lyrics and lusty vocals.

Over a moving acoustic guitar, Naomi is lost in her lover’s mere existence and ready to risk it all on “Nothing Sweeter.” She throws caution to the wind as she sings, “Swimming in your presence / We get so far away from the surface / I have never been so deep / But with you I’m ready to be.”

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Via press release, Sharon describes her latest offering as, “a vulnerable song that captures the fragility of falling in love.” She continues, “There’s an indescribable magic in the first kiss with the one you love. Regardless of what follows, that ‎initial kiss remains unmatched and unforgettable.”‎

The single stokes the fire ignited by a string of collaborations with hitmakers such as Full Crate and OVO Sound labelmates Majid Jordan, the release of her 2023 debut album Obsidian and a handful of sexy accompanying visuals. Naomi Sharon continues to create her space among her peers with a modern yet classic sound that’s all her own. Her signature tone and vivid storytelling convey every emotion felt, instantly drawing the listener closer for each moody, melodic ride. 

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Get lost in love when you listen to Naomi Sharon’s “Nothing Sweeter” below. With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, be sure to add this track to your love’s holiday playlists from your favorite digital music platform.

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