Jon B Announces New Album ‘Waiting On You’ & Drops Video For Title Cut With Tank

Photo Credit: Jon B/YouTube

Jon B hasn’t released a new album in over a decade, but he is more than ready to make up for lost time. Following 2012’s Comfortable Swagg and his 2013 compilation B-Sides Collection, Jon will drop his long-awaited new album Waiting On You on Friday, February 23rd. He introduced the set with the title cut “Waiting On You” featuring Tank for the lead single, and he keeps anticipation high with the release of the track’s music video.

The “Waiting On You” visual divides its time between individual scenes of Jon B, his lovely love interest and Tank. All three reflect the common thread of yearning that’s felt throughout the song. We watch Jon playing his keyboard, singing and mulling around his lonely apartment. The woman is also alone in her place and bored with her surroundings. She pops up in a few of the spaces where we see Jon, but they never actually connect. We see flashes of Tank in a room by himself in the first half of the clip, but the focus turns to him during his verse in the latter half. At the end of the video, it appears as if Jon and this mystery lady may finally get their chance, but the moment is fleeting.

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Jon B gave some insight into the song in a press release. “‘Waiting on You’ describes the feeling of anticipating love in your life; the seasons of waiting,” he wrote. “No matter the timing, even when it seems like it’s taking forever, you have to be patient for your partner in life. Not giving up makes it all worth the wait.”

Also worth the wait will be Jon B’s forthcoming LP. Waiting On You the album features 11 tracks and additional collaborations with fellow ’90s R&B star Donell Jones on the previously released single “Understand,” rapper Rick Ross and songstress Alex Isley. Pre-order/pre-save information for Waiting On You is forthcoming, but for right now watch the visual for “Waiting On You” right here.

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