Jhené Aiko Celebrates Her Baby Boy With ‘Sun/Son’

Photo Credit: by Christopher Michael

Jhené Aiko is in love. However, the person she’s in love with isn’t her soulmate Big Sean. There’s another man in Jhené’s life, their son Noah Hasani, and she is head over heels for their baby boy. In November, the couple celebrated Noah’s first birthday, and Aiko posted a sweet message and a new song to Instagram dedicated to her “favorite boy.” Now, the singer has released the song entitled “Sun/Son” as her newest single.

“Sun/Sun” is a love letter from Aiko to her youngest child co-written by the late artist AUGUST 08, who co-produced the track with Derex Williams. The song is built on an airy foundation of synths, programmed drums and bass. It’s a perfect sound bed for Jhené’s delicate delivery of loving lyrics.

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She begins the song by repeating the words “sun son” in a hypnotic sing-song chant before singing. “There’s no more cloudy days / Even when there’s no light out / I feel your warm embrace / You love me with passion / When I’m at a race / You’re like the anchor / And I am so glad you came / Just right when I needed saving,” Aiko softly serenades Noah.

Jhené comes alive like a plant in the sun and converts that energy on the chorus when she sings, “You charge me up / You charge me up / My solar power / I’m so in love.”

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“Sun/Son” is a soulful lullaby from Jhené Aiko that follows the loosies “calm & patient” and “alive & well (gratitude mantra),” which she dropped last year. It appears as if her maternity leave is officially over with the release of “Sun/Son” and a more stripped-down “Sun/Son (piano)” version. Kick back, relax and let Jhené give you warm and fuzzy feels when you listen to both tracks below.

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