Amber Navran, Jacob Mann & Phil Beaudreau Form New Group CATPACK And Debut With ‘What I’ve Found’

Photo Credit: Lauren Desberg

A wise poet once said, “Playing small does not serve the world.” Whether unintentional or rooted in deep-seated insecurity, shrinking oneself for our comfort or for that of others is futile. For their debut single “What I’ve Found,” newly-formed trio CATPACK – composed of longtime friends Amber Navran (of Moonchild fame), Jacob Mann and Phil Beaudreau – expresses this sentiment over a quirky yet catchy track.

With all three members handling production and Navran and Beaudreau contributing their vocals, the musicians tell the tale of someone who is done dimming their light and is now intent on shining bright like a diamond. Each artist’s distinct sound comes together on the chorus to declare, “I’m not gonna tone it down / I’ve found I’m not gonna turn around / I can’t slow it down (I’m flying now) / Too busy loving what I’ve found.” 

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CATPACK’s inaugural offering is said to have come from an organic origin, fueled by the members’ deep admiration for each other’s artistry and a collaborative spirit. True to form, the trio allowed their creativity to roam free and landed on an intricate and inspiring anthem for self-love and preservation.

Via press release, Amber explains, “Sometimes, in the journey of finding your inner strength and knowing your worth, people close to you become uncomfortable with you taking up more space. They’re used to the small version of you, or their own self-worth is tied to their perceived position above you. This song is a middle finger to the people who can’t love you as you shine brighter and brighter and a love letter to the new, beautiful you.” 

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CATPACK is kicking off their collaboration with quite a message. Get into “What I’ve Found” and watch its whimsical animated lyric below. Stream the track and add it to your playlists on your preferred digital music platforms.

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