WanMor Remakes Boyz II Men’s ‘Please Don’t Go’ & Makes Their Father Wanya Morris Proud

Photo Credit: WanMor/Facebook | Boyz II Men/Facebook

When your father is a member of one of the highest-selling, award-winning, record-setting, accolade-getting R&B groups of all time, that could be a little intimidating if you’re also an artist. Not for WanMor, however. The group comprised of Boyz II Men member Wanya Morris’ four sons finds inspiration and motivation from their dad’s successful career. The brothers are quite literally following in his footsteps with the release of their next single, a cover of Boyz II Men’s timeless classic “Please Don’t Go.”

WanMor’s members Rocco, Tyvas, Chulo and Big Boy, who range in age from 13 to 19, step into the booth and Wanya, Shawn Stockman, Nathan Morris and Michael McCary’s big shoes. The four brothers take turns singing lead and their vocals and harmonies are impressive across the board. From the opening notes to the final “nayhoo,” these teens show that they’ve got the range and the sauce. The breakout star of the quartet is Big Boy, the eldest WanMor sibling, who has his daddy’s whole voice and will have you thinking that Wanya snuck into their studio session when you hear him blow.

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We actually get to see WanMor recording “Please Don’t Go” in the “official studio video” for the song. We don’t spot Wanya in the visual, but the Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul herself Mary J. Blige is all in the mix and behind the boards as the track’s producer. We see her giving the young men a pep talk and encouraging them to give it their all, which they effortlessly do. She hypes them up as they’re recording their parts and almost breaks out into a Mary Bop listening to playback with the fellas. Everyone is excited by what they hear, and so are we!

“Please Don’t Go” is the first song you hear when you play BIIM’s iconic debut album Cooleyhighharmony, and it was released as the album’s fourth single behind “Motownphilly,” “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” and “Uhh Ahh.” The track didn’t enjoy the same chart success as its predecessors, but WanMor is hoping to change that with their remake where they pay beautiful homage to the original and make their daddy and uncles proud.

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Help WanMor to make something happen with their rendition of “Please Don’t Go” by adding it to your playlists and music collections. The song is available now on all digital music providers from Mary J. Blige’s boutique label Beautiful Life Productions in association with 300 Entertainment. For even more WanMor, check out their self-titled EP released earlier this year, and don’t miss them on the #FANLOVE Tour with other teen acts such as That Girl Lay Lay, Young Dylan and DJ Sophia Rocks.

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