Usher & H.E.R. Dance Their Way Through Love In ‘Risk It All’ From ‘The Color Purple’ Soundtrack

Photo Credit: Usher/YouTube

The Color Purple is a hit, with the adaptation of the hit Broadway musical (which was itself an adaptation of the award-winning book and film) nabbing the second-highest Christmas Day box office opening of all time. Meanwhile, it’s star-studded soundtrack is making its own waves thanks to stellar songs from both the film and original songs from stars of today. One favorite has been the Usher and H.E.R. collaboration “Risk It All.” The pair now come together once again in the Dave Meyers-directed, contemporary dance-inspired visual for the romantic cut.

Dave Meyers is known for his fantastical vision and he doesn’t short us here, though he does tone things down a bit. We’re presented with Usher and H.E.R. stripped down to their bare essentials — literally — as they pose back-to-back on a rotating platform. As things get underway, they each get their own time alongside a plethora of dancers who whirl around each performer in multiple positions to illustrate the many phases and trials of love. The spinning and combination of different images and movements is beautifully dizzying, made all the more beautiful with the final shots showing Usher and H.E.R. shedding tears at the experience.

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Music From And Inspired By The Color Purple has many poignant moments, but “Risk It All” might just be the heart and soul of the original offerings. Thankfully, the song’s visual does it justice. Allow H.E.R. and Usher to (contemporary) dance their way into your hearts when you press play below.

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