Tyla Makes It Rain On ‘The Voice’ With ‘Truth Or Dare’ & ‘Water’ Medley

Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC

This has been Tyla’s year. The R&B pop starlet is still riding the wave of her breakout single “Water,” and she has three more new songs that are on the come-up. Tyla took one of her new joints, “Truth Or Dare,” and her big hit “Water” onto the season finale of The Voice for an energetic medley.

Tyla began her performance with “Truth Or Dare” and loosely recreated the payphone scene from its visualizer with some extra razzle-dazzle. She confidently strutted onto the stage and through a group of men to a payphone and picked up the receiver, singing into it and her mic. One of the fellas (dancer Denzel Chisolm) walked up to her and she dismissed him before she kept it moving to centerstage. Tyla was accompanied by four female dancers before the men joined them and they all danced to the slick choreography that incorporated some moves from her South African homeland into the mix.

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After introducing the new choreo that will probably become the next TikTok dance challenge, Tyla smoothly segued into “Water” as a waterfall was activated at the rear of the stage. Water rained down from the ceiling while fire shot up from the floor. Tyla sang the first verse standing on top of a table where the dancers were gathered around. She stepped down, and they followed her to the indoor waterfall to dance with her in the man-made rain. Tyla was drenched by the end, making quite a splash on prime-time TV.

If 2023 was a big year for Tyla, just wait for what’s ahead in 2024. She is GRAMMY-nominated, her debut album TYLA is on the way and she’ll be going on a world tour. Get used to Tyla and to hearing and seeing much more of her. Start below by watching her latest electrifying performance.

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