Tyla Is Off The Hook & On The Move In ‘Truth Or Dare’

Photo Credit: Tyla/YouTube

South African singer Tyla has had us in a chokehold ever since her sultry viral hit “Water” took over the airwaves and our phone screens. It’s no surprise, then, that the singer is striking while the iron is hot. Her self-titled debut album is due out in March, and she’s already planned an international tour in support. She’s also dropped three additional singles to get us ready for what she has in store. Now she’s giving us a peek of what she’s cooking up with a visualizer for one of those tracks, “Truth Or Dare.”

Produced by Sammy Soso, “Truth Or Dare” trades in a similar Amapiano vibe as “Water,” with an infectious rhythm paired with her breathy, baby doll vocal. This time, however, she’s reprimanding instead of enticing as she questions why an ex wants to be back in her life now that she’s the hottest thing in these streets. “So let’s play truth or dare, dare you to forget / That you used to treat me just like anyone,” she sings on the chorus. “Truth or dare? Is it true you care? / Now that you can see the love from everyone.”

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The visualizer shows the rising star picking up a pay phone while on a late night stroll. It just so happens to be that particular ex on the other end of the call, and she gives him a piece of her mind while looking absolutely gorgeous in a hood chic outfit. Tyla is only around long enough to state her piece for the first verse and chorus, opting to leave him and the phone hanging while the second half of the song plays.

Could this be a hint at a full music video to come? Only time will tell. We’ll take any Tyla that we can get between now and March, however. Watch the singer in action in the visualizer for “Truth Or Dare” when you press play below.

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