Nubiyan Twist Blends Jazz With Dancehall On ‘So Mi Stay’

Photo Credit: Nubiyan Twist/Facebook

The holiday season is officially in full swing and, for some, the final chapter of 2023 is met with mixed emotions. Whether this time of year triggers emotional imbalance or the change in weather brings on its own layer of gloom, a lot of us are in our feelings and could use a bit of a boost. Enter nine-piece, UK collective Nubiyan Twist. Their new single “So Mi Stay” is right on time and is just what’s needed to lift any sour spirits.

Vibrant horns and lively percussion instantly expel all remnants of melancholy, while the track’s seamless blend of jazz and dancehall transports the listener into a zone of pure joy and liberation. Newly added vocalist Aziza Jaye adds the perfect Patois-laced compliment as she sings, “When da lights turn on, I’m a rebel / Cah di beat just a buss inna mi head / Cyaan hear nothin’ wah you a say / Mi nuh waan go home a mi bed / A just so mi stay.”

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The Alex Orosa-directed visual serves as much exuberance as the single and features London-based choreographer/dancer Charlie Roberts. Amid a sea of colorful animated graphics, each band member steals their own time in the spotlight.

While lighting and camera tricks brilliantly capture the energy of it all, Orosa notes the spirit of the band as the most important component. On YouTube, he shared, “What really brought the video to life was the band’s performances and their enthusiasm and infectious love for the song.”

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Get into Nubiyan Twist’s brand-new bag when you press play on “So Mi Stay” below and peep the vivid video. SoulBouncers across the pond can grab tickets to catch them live and in living color as part of their 11-city UK tour, which kicks off in Lyme Regis in April 2024.

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