Josh Levi Takes On Boyz II Men With ‘Let It Snow’ Cover

Photo Credit: Blair Caldwell

We’re not dreaming of a “White Christmas” with our aversion to snow, but Josh Levi has us reconsidering that stance. The singer-songwriter signed to Issa Rae’s Raedio imprint released a cover of Boyz II Men’s classic “Let It Snow” that gives us all the warm, fuzzy, comfy and cozy ’90s R&B feels like the original.

Josh’s rendition of “Let It Snow” doesn’t reinvent the wheel or the song. He straight-up sings it and sings it extremely well. He effortlessly does the job of five men – Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman, Michael McCary and Brian McKnight – on lead and background vocals while still sounding like himself and makes light work of every note and nuance.

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“Let It Snow” was released on Boyz II Men’s 1993 Christmas Interpretations album and it has become a holiday staple, but the song just needs to become a winter anthem at this point whenever there’s snow in the forecast. That way we can listen to the original and Josh Levi’s version past the holidays without judgment.

Give Josh Levi’s “Let It Snow” a spin below, and watch his live performance video of the song that gives 1990s realness with grainy footage that looks like a long lost lost BET Christmas special recorded on a VHS tape.

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