Jade Novah Just Wants To Spend ‘Christmas In Bed’

Photo Credit: Jade Novah/Instagram

Last December, Jade Novah wished her love would make it to her by Christmas on the duet “Here (For Christmas)” with Kenyon Dixon. This year, he’s made it home, and she has plans for the two of them on her single “Christmas in Bed.”

Co-written and produced by her hubby and partner in art Devin Johnson, the romantic ballad has Jade pondering how to spend the holiday. Instead of going out, she proposes some alone time with her love. “I’ve been counting down the days / And thinking of all ways / That we can stay up and wait all night / It’s too cold to go outside / Let’s stay by the fireside and just keep each other warm tonight,” she sings, laying out her plan for a cozy Christmas from the first verse. 

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Jade doesn’t need gifts or surprises. The only present she wants is to be in his presence. “You’re my / Surprise / How better can it get? / No plans (no plans) / So let’s (so let’s) / Just spend all day on Christmas in bed / Christmas in bed / Christmas in bed / I don’t need nothing instead / I don’t need no gifts wrapped in your love instead,” she sings on the chorus before getting to the question of the night. “Baby, can we just spend Christmas in bed?”

In a short promo for the track that she posted to Instagram, we watch Jade and Devin in their matching pajamas as they spend the day cuddling, sipping tea and creating beautiful music together in bed. We think we know what these two lovebirds will be doing on Christmas Day.

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If you’re lucky enough to be boo’d up this holiday, hang a sign on your bedroom door that says “Don’t disturb this groove” while you play this on a loop. Add Jade Novah’s “Christmas In Bed” to your holi-bae playlists after you listen to it below.

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