H.E.R. & Usher ‘Risk It All’ For ‘The Color Purple’ Soundtrack

Photo Credit: Usher/Instagram

The film adaptation of The Color Purple musical will be here in just a couple short weeks. But the release of the film’s star-studded soundtrack is just around the corner. We got our first taste of the project just after Thanksgiving with Alicia Keys’ contribution “Lifeline.” Now we get to hear a little bit more with the H.E.R. and Usher duet “Risk It All.”

The song, produced by H.E.R., fits right in the exceptionally talented singer’s wheelhouse. “Risk It All” is a tender ballad utilizing solely piano for the melody. The rest of the magic is supplied by H.E.R. and Usher’s voices, which blend unexpectedly well together. The singers each take turns singing lead on the verses while the other provides lush backing vocals to fill out the harmonies.

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The lyrics themselves describe many facets of being in love, from the freedom to the complications and everything in between. Despite all the ups and downs, the twosome deems the experience worthy of taking the chance. “I don’t mind / Feelin’ like I’m bound to fall,” they sing in sweet unison on the chorus. “Close my eyes / Baby, I would risk it all.”

The modern sound of “Risk It All” might not fit in with the early 20th-century setting of the film, but it definitely captures the story’s sentiment of finding true love within oneself and with someone who values you.

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Listen to H.E.R. and Usher make beautiful music together on “Risk It All” when you press play below. Music From And Inspired By The Color Purple will arrive on December 15th, with the film releasing on Christmas Day.

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