Channel Tres Has A Brand New Groove With ‘Walked In The Room’

Photo Credit: Keith Oshiro

2023 was quite kind to Channel Tres. No only did he release his own EP, Real Cultural S**t, but he’s also been part of some of the best musical moments of the year thanks to collaborations with the likes of Jungle, Terrace Martin, Kaytranada and more. Now, as the year comes to a close, the performer blesses us with his newest cut “Walked In The Room.”

“Walked In The Room” once again finds the artist blurring the lines of drama. Built on a dancing bass line, the track melds hip-hop, house and R&B like only Channel Tres can. It all serves as a base for him to unleash his brand of braggadocio with a hypnotizing narrative rap.

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“I don’t think about it / Show up, I get to work,” he spits as he talks his ish on the chorus. “Don’t doubt me, baby / I kill the chaos with a smirk.”

The video for the track is just as groovy and confident as the song. Shot to mimic the grainy digital footage from camcorders at the turn of the century, the clip follows the artist as he makes his way around the streets of LA in several fashionable looks. When he’s not on the move or cutting a move, he’s getting photoshoot fresh as cameras flash and he turns his swag on.

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Channel Tres might just be the epitome of cool and “Walked In The Room” is evidence of that. Listen when you press play below. Then, stick around to watch him work in the song’s music video.

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