Cecily Exudes Black Girl Magic In ‘I Am Love’

Photo Credit: Cecily/YouTube

Cecily’s latest single “I Am Love” has quickly become our go-to song when we need a little pick-me-up. With its soothing sound and positive affirmations, the song is musical serotonin. She keeps the mood high and good vibes coming in the track’s music video. Directors Mignotae Kebede and Mojo Shoots aid Cecily in this endeavor.

Filmed outside on a clear sunny day, the setting feels like summertime and she takes full advantage of it with her on-screen girlfriends. We watch Cecily and two members of her crew dancing in unison, recreating choreography reminiscent of old-school girl groups. In other scenes, the whole group of six ladies are seated on a blanket, exuding Black joy as they sway to the sweet melody. Black beauty is also on display when Cecily lies down head-to-head with three of the women and their natural hair blends together with flowers scattered among their curls and kinks.

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Cecily is gone with the wind fabulous while dressed in the hot pink gown from the single’s cover art. Whether she’s wearing a simple slip dress, a two-piece sequined number or a metallic minidress, her wardrobe is the perfect accent throughout the video.

The “I Am Love” visual is as gorgeous as the song. If anyone ever asks you what Black Girl Magic looks and sounds like, just show them this video.

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