Jungle Ends Their ‘Volcano’ Visual Masterpiece With A ‘Pretty Little Thing’

Photo Credit: Jungle/YouTube

Well, friends, we’ve come to the end of the road. We knew that Jungle had something special in store when Volcano’s lead single “Candle Flame” and its jaw-dropping video premiered back in April. What we didn’t know, however, was how epic the visual for the album would be. Originally imagined as a cohesive film, the British duo have been releasing the set piece by piece on YouTube and blowing our minds in the process. Now, with the final visual entry “Pretty Little Thing,” it’s only fitting that they give the hardworking dancers some much-deserved shine.

“Pretty Little Thing” is the most laid-back of the album’s cuts and provides the perfect cool-down for the energetic performers who’ve been moving and shaking in the past 13 vignettes. As featured guest Bas spits, each dancer (minus featured performers Will West and Mette Linturi, who got their own showcase in “Good At Breaking Hearts”) takes to the spotlight to shine with freestyle moves to the song’s mellow beat. We already saw all their skills in previous entries, but seeing them weave in their natural movements and styles gives us a sense of them as individuals.

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The Volcano visuals have been nothing short of awe-inspiring, and we’re very sad that this is the end of the journey. But if you think we’re not going to run these videos back ad infinitum, then you thought wrong. Before we hit rewind, though, you should watch Jungle and the dancers take their victory lap in “Pretty Little Thing” below.

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