Jungle Catches A Vibe Under The Stars In ‘Palm Trees’

Photo Credit: Jungle/YouTube

The slow drip of visual goodness that Jungle has been giving us during their Volcano album cycle has been one of the best things of this ever-dwindling year. Of course, all good things must come to an end, and we are nearing the close of this visual journey. But first, they bring us the penultimate visual from the set with a clip for their song “Palm Trees.”

Unlike the rest of the clips from the album, “Palm Trees” opts to go black-and-white instead of the vintage color palette that this album cycle has been known for. They don’t change up the formula, though, as it still involves a cast of dancers moving and grooving to one of the vibiest songs that Volcano has to offer.

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Things kick off with one of the dancers walking around a room and awakening the others as lights shine like stars in the background. Once everyone’s up, the camera spins around the crew as they cut slick steps with effortless ease and good vibes. We also get a bit of romance in the mix as two members of the group sneak off together to cozy up underneath the palm tree and the stars before the clip soon switches to color and the sound of applause rings out.

There’s only one video left before we have to say goodbye to this era of Jungle visuals. But before the duo and this talented crew of dancers take their victory lap, vibe out with them one more time when you watch “Palm Trees” right here.

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