Jon B & Tank Have Been ‘Waiting On You’ With A New Collaboration

Photo Credit: Lyric Cross | Tank/Facebook

We always love it when two of our faves combine their talents. We think this particular combo, however, is strictly aimed for the R&B-loving ladies. Jon B and Tank have united their talents to give their fans what they want — smoothed out, romantic sounds on the classic R&B tip — with their new single “Waiting On You.”

This isn’t the first time the two men, both known for their brand of loverman R&B, have collaborated. Their paths crossed once before on Jon’s 2004 cut “Stronger Everyday.” While that one was a bit more mid-tempo, “Waiting On You” is a tad more mellow as they sing of a woman that’s worth the wait she’s putting them through. However, they don’t seem to mind the anticipation of what’s to come. “Always on time for me / Your love is / Always on time on me / Your love,” Jon sings on the chorus. “You got me waiting on you.”

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Jon delivers two verses over a sound bed of guitar, strings and programmed drums that set up the situation. He sings of needing to get her face to face and the things he can’t wait to do with her as the “stresses of the week / every stitch of clothing / come falling to the ground.” Tank, meanwhile, acts as the closer, assuring his lady that “anytime is the right time” for her to come around. The fellas then take it all home by harmonizing over a piano melody to end things on a soft and sweet note.

Jon B and Tank may be “Waiting On You,” but you don't have to wait for them. Listen to their new track when you press play.

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