Tyla Makes Waves With ‘Water’

Photo Credit: Tyla/YouTube

Since Tyla dropped her single “Water” in July, the song has gone viral and birthed a dance challenge that has taken over TikTok and dance floors around the world. With the track climbing up the charts, the South African cutie has a bonafide international hit on her hands with the catchy bop that has one helluva earworm for its chorus. Months after its release, “Water” is making major waves, so it’s only right that Tyla unleashes a music video.

Behind the lens is the director child. who gives the songstress a visual that matches the song’s sassy and sexy energy. The clip begins with a voiceover of Tyla leaving a voicemail confirming a late-night link-up while we watch waves crash onto a beach by moonlight. The scene then changes to the singer and her girls getting ready for a night out while sweat glistens all over everyone’s bodies. They get to the function, and Tyla meets up with her tall and lanky love interest and sparks fly.

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Their chemistry is thick as they slow wine to her uptempo jam. Tyla rocks a few vibrant outfits for the camera as she tries to beat the heat at the dancehall but there’s no use. She tries to cool off when she pours water over her head and down her back then joins her friends to do the Water Challenge dance, but that move only manages to make the scene even hotter.

There’s more dancing and carrying on before Tyla and her boo eventually steal away from the sweaty crowd. They get some one-on-one time together on the same beach from the opening scene thus bringing the “Water” video to its end.

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Watch Tyla heat up the screen in the “Water” visual right here, and stay tuned for much more from this exciting young talent. With “Water” averaging upwards of one million views a day on YouTube since its release, Tyla has arrived.

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