Tyla Makes Her U.S. TV Debut On ‘The Tonight Show’ With ‘Water’ Performance

Photo Credit: Todd Owyoung/NBC

Tyla’s latest single “Water” has gone from a ripple to a wave to a tsunami right before our eyes. The song’s global success is staggering and has put the South African superstar-in-the-making on everyone’s radar. She increased her reach overnight with her U.S. television debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with a performance of her breakout hit.

Jimmy Fallon briefly introduced Tyla who stood at the back of the stage behind four dancers bathed in red light. As the song began with its infamous chorus, the dancers slinked away one by one and the songstress slowly turned around. Dressed in a shimmering silver bra top and miniskirt adorned with silver stars, she flaunted her svelte shape.

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Tyla’s look was on point and so were her vocals. She began singing, and her mic was all the way on. So was her natural sex appeal as she sang the naughty amapiano tune. Her dancers rejoined her with some choreography while she sang and posed, but when the song came back around to the chorus, Tyla got into the groove with them.

She waited to go all out until after the second verse, however. Once the chorus hit again, six dancers rushed onto the stage to accompany her. When Tyla yelled out “Asambe!” – Zulu slang for “let’s go” – it was on and booty poppin’. They all broke out into the Water Challenge choreography minus pouring any water down their backs. That was the climax of the performance, which soon ended with Tyla and her dancers seductively retreating to the rear of the stage to bask in the red lighting.

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For anyone who didn’t know Tyla’s name before her appearance on The Tonight Show, she left them with something to remember. Watch her in action when you press play below.

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