Sy Smith Is Ready To ‘Slide’ Into Her Next Chapter With New Album ‘Until We Meet Again’

Photo Credit: Mike Quain

Sy Smith is one of the hardest-working women in show business — from her own work to frequent guest spots and her jam-packed touring schedule — and she has the clout to show for it. However, it’s been five long years since she dropped her last album Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete, and we’ve been fiending for a new full-length project from the singer (though she’s tided us over with singles like “Feeling Good” in the interim). She answers our prayers with the release of her latest single “Slide.”

We’ve come to know Sy for being every woman musically, but “Slide” finds her in new territory. The cut, produced by Zo! and Tall Black Guy, starts off with an avalanche of syncopated percussion setting up the song’s groove. But just when you think you know where the song’s going to go, the bass line snakes around the beat and is soon joined by strings just as the singer delivers the opening verse.

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Sy pours smoldering desire into each word as she sings, making the song burn with a sensual intensity. “Don’t make me a liar / I said what I said / Waiting on you, baby / To put this whole thing to bed,” she sings. “Can’t put out this fire / Without getting wet / Breathing life into my embers, babe / Are we burning yet?” With all that passion expressed there, she keeps the chorus simple as she simply invites us to “slide on through” for the time of our lives.

We’re loving this new side of Sy Smith and can’t wait to hear more. Mercifully, we won’t have to wait long. Sy’s new album Until We Meet Again, which marks her debut on +FE Music, is set to be released on the label this December. Until We Meet Again is executive produced by +FE Music head honcho and Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange member Phonte and features special guests Sheila E. and Chris Botti, both of whom Sy has worked and toured extensively with.

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With some of Sy Smith’s best collaborations occurring with the +FE Music collective, we can only imagine how good this album will be. In the meantime, allow Sy to fog up your glasses when you listen to “Slide” below. Then “Slide” on over to your favorite digital music service to add the song to your music libraries.

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