Miguel Is Darkly Sexy In The Visual For ‘Give It To Me’

Photo Credit: Miguel/YouTube

Miguel has been raising eyebrows as he readies the world for his upcoming effort Viscera. Back in August, the singer-songwriter shocked fans when he was suspended from the ceiling by hooks pierced through the skin of his upper back while performing a new song from the project at a special event. The stunt got tongues wagging, though we’re not sure if all the chatter was good. Thankfully he minimizes the harrowing antics in the video for the set’s lead single “Give It To Me.”

The video treatment is surprisingly simple considering the aforementioned performance. It features Miguel and Brazilian supermodel Juliana Nalú in various stages of undress as they give into their obvious attraction for one another.

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That premise is, of course, nothing new. What keeps things interesting is the video’s aesthetics. Rather than give it a soft, sensual vibe, the video instead goes dark to match the song’s blend of industrial and R&B. Most of the visual is shot in dim lighting that casts a blueish hue over the two leads, with only flashes of green lighting changing up the video’s palette. That only changes in the song’s final moments, when more natural lighting is introduced and we get to marvel at the flashes of beautiful brown skin the two share as they get a little closer to one another.

We’re still not sure what hanging from hooks has to do with anything, but we’re definitely here for this video. Now if only we could get an actual release date for Viscera. While we wait, watch Miguel get steamy with yet another model in “Give It To Me” when you press play.

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