Jungle Keeps The ‘Volcano’ Visuals Coming With ‘Holding On’ & ‘You Ain’t No Celebrity’

Photo Credit: Jungle/YouTube

Jungle’s Volcano isn’t only one of the best albums we’ve heard all year. It turns out it’s also the visual feast that keeps on giving. Fans the world over have come to know and love the group for their heavily choreographed, one-take videos and this album cycle has them abound thanks to its accompanying short film. After making the film a fan club exclusive, the duo has been cranking out the clips at a consistent pace, dropping the latest two — “Holding On” and “You Ain’t No Celebrity” — in the past weeks.

“Holding On” diverts from the narrative throughline between Jungle regulars Will West and Mette Linturi in order to serve us up some fashion and realness to a pulsing house beat. The dancers are all clad in black, form-fitting pieces as the ladies strut their stuff like it was Fashion Week at an underground club. Don’t worry, though, Shay Latukolan’s glorious choreography still shines as each lady gets her time in the spotlight and on the makeshift runway.

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“You Ain’t No Celebrity” gets even funkier with the choreography to match the song’s nasty groove. The ladies kick things off as they deliver jerky, fast-paced movements in silhouette against a curtained backdrop. They keep up the momentum until the fellas arrive just in time for Roots Manuva’s guest spot as his voice chants and the beat gets a bit more aggressive. They take on his cadence and offer frantic, aggressive moves in turn, creating a juxtaposition between their more masculine vibe and the feminine energy the ladies brought before them.

If the pace they’ve been going at continues, you can look forward to a new video from Jungle at the top of next week. We’ll be holding out in anticipation while you feast your eyes on “Holding On” and “You Ain’t No Celebrity” below.

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