Full Crate Goes ‘Crazy’ With KAEDI

Photo Credit: Bexx Francois

We’ve all the heard the term “crazy in love.” While this type of infatuation may drive otherwise sensible individuals into silly decision-making, others may simply lose all track of time and space while entangled in the arms of their lover. Regardless of what kooky behavior getting hit by cupid’s arrow leads us to, we can all agree that true love often defies logic and isn’t easy for those outside the couple to understand.

On his latest single “Crazy (DuDuDu),” Full Crate sings of his wonky affair, though he has no plans of breaking free. He teams up with singer KAEDI of the group Citizen Queen and the two take turns, point fingers and attempt to make sense of their irrational romance.

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For this latest offering, Full Crate describes its creation as an organic process that was also a lot of fun. After making the beat in his living room and recording the hook on his phone, he and KAEDI headed into the lab and the rest is history. According to Crate, “This was such a fun session while writing and composing this record together with Kaedi. We could not stop dancing to it in the studio.”

The creative chemistry is clear, as the energy of the track remains vibrant despite the uncertainty embedded in the lyrics. Described as a song about the “duality of love” and “how sometimes it could be crazy in a good and a bad way,” they still manage to portray the hope and the bliss that often comes with complicated love.

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Listen to Full Crate’s “Crazy (DuDuDu)” featuring KAEDI below. Be sure to run it up on your preferred digital music platform or support the artists directly via Bandcamp.

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