Ego Ella May Wants You To Fall In Love With Your ‘Higher Self’

Photo Credit: Jelani Pomell

It’s said that self-love is the best love. In fact, it’s impossible to truly love someone else if you don’t love yourself. On Ego Ella May’s “Higher Self,” the latest single from her forthcoming EP FIELDNOTES III, the singer-songwriter brilliantly embodies this sentiment.

Over a moving, mid-tempo track co-produced alongside Dougie Stu, Ego’s lyrics are wrought with affirmations, reminding listeners that one’s first love should be with oneself. In her signature soothing tone, she sings, “Falling in love with yourself is all that you’ll ever need / Falling in love with yourself is the only recipe.”

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“Higher Self” serves as the second offering from FIELDNOTES III following the project’s lead single “Undone.” She drew inspiration for the uplifting lyrics by envisioning her own inner voice. She explains in a press release, “It's about self-love, and the way I imagine my higher self engages and speaks with me, challenging all the thoughts I have about being hard to love. It’s a mantra of sorts that I hope will stick with you.”

The accompanying visualizer shot by Jelani Pomell beautifully depicts the bliss that comes when one is content in their own space. Adorned in a pink gown, Ella May is the star of the story as she simply communes with nature, basking in the sun and finding rest upon tree stumps. On Instagram, she echoes the energy of the clip and notes, “Know that you are loved and one with the elements – I genuinely believe that’s what the Spirit wants us all to know.”

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Tap into your “Higher Self” when you listen to the song and view its visual below. By all means, add the track to your self-care and self-love playlists from your preferred digital music platform.

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