Chxrry22 Get Us Hot & Bothered On ‘Never Had This’ Before Setting Off Her ‘Siren’

Photo Credit: Chxrry 22/YouTube

Chxrry22 is stepping out way hotter this year, it seems. She already steamed things up when she dropped her smoldering single “More” in August. Now the songstress is gearing up to release her sophomore EP Siren. But before she gives us that project, she's turning us on a little more with the release of her new single “Never Had This.”

Like “More,” “Never Had This” finds Chxrry22 once again bragging about just how good her good good can be. The song — produced by Sensei Bueno, ManMade, Matt Cohn and Jake Oh — is full of come-ons as she taunts and teases someone who’s been sniffing around for far too long. Rather than sit back like a prize to win, she decides to come direct.

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“You should treat this moment like it costs you a billion dollars / You should treat this moment like you’re really tryna holler / You should treat this moment like you’re really tryna get it / Like you’re doing somethin’ you’ll never, ever forget,” she sings on the chorus. “You ain’t never had this, never seen that.”

Special guest Vory steps in for the song’s second verse, giving another perspective with his lyrics that seem to speak to his aloofness. “I’m still the same as who I was when you met me / Lying to the world, you wanna turn them against me / Fell outta love with you, I still made ends meet / You the type to link up with my opps and tryna end me,” he sings at one point.

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Both “Never Had It” and “More” will appear on Siren when it’s released on Friday, October 27th. The new collection follows her debut EP The Other Side, which dropped in September 2022. Prepare to get hot and heavy with Chxrry22 and Vory when you press play right here and then head below to peep the song’s lyric video.

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