Arin Ray Returns With ‘Wait So Long’ & Announces Upcoming EP ‘Phases III’

Photo Credit: Aaron Flores Arteaga

Arin Ray released his album Hello Poison last year, much to the joy of modern R&B lovers everywhere. Since then, it seems he’s been everywhere. He hit the road on the Hello Poison Tour and even lent his voice to releases from supergroup Dinner Party. He’s back on his grind once again as he readies his new EP Phases III, the continuation of his popular Phases series, and heralds the project’s release with his latest single “Wait So Long.”

“Wait So Long” finds Arin dealing with a lover who can’t seem to make a decision about her desires in the moment. It’s a point of confusion and frustration for him as he’s left navigating her uncertain feelings. When she finally ’fesses up to how she feels, he’s left baffled, opting to express himself on the chorus. “But why would you wait so long? / To say what you want, what you need,” he sings. “And why would take so long? / To say what you like about me.”

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This romantic back-and-forth takes place over a slinky synth groove that comes on hot and heavy and recedes as needed, perhaps reflecting the hot-and-cold vibes his getting. It’s a solid song and a great introduction to what’s to come on Phases III. The project is set to arrive on Friday, October 20th and, if it’s anything like the previous entries in the EP series, is sure to please.

Stream “Wait So Long” right here and then stick around to watch the teaser trailer for Phases III below.

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