Angie Stone Finds The Brotha Of Her Dreams In ‘Good Man’

Photo Credit: Angie Stone/YouTube

Angie Stone’s song “Good Man” is one of the many highlights on her latest LP Love Language. The whole album is fabulous, but this track, in particular, finds Stone in her zone as she sings her dream guy’s praises. After telling us all about her “Good Man,” Angie unveils her vision of him in the music video and serves up some premium eye candy.

In the title role is actor and singer Terrell Carter who looks like he was carved out of the finest milk chocolate. The handsome gent is dressed in a red suit to match Angie Stone’s sparkly silver and red gown, but he doesn’t stay fully dressed for long. She makes sure to help him out of his jacket and let her hands explore his bare chest, shoulders and other body parts. Angie gets a little touchy-feely throughout the video as they caress and canoodle, and we can’t say that we blame her.

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Director Charles West – who was also behind the camera on her “Love The Feeling” video – keeps the shoot simple, filming it all on a blacked-out stage with blue spotlights creating a mood. Stone sings into a mic to give her video beau his own personal one-woman show while he returns the favor and body rolls and sexy dances like he’s trying out for All The Queen’s Men.

Angie and Terrell have great chemistry together in the “Good Man” visual, so all their carrying on looks natural and not forced for film. When they seal the video with a kiss at the end, it feels real. She’s happily married in real life, though, but they succeed in selling the fantasy.

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Watch Angie Stone and her “Good Man” in action below.

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