The Amours Pull Up With A Visual For ‘Before I Met You’

Photo Credit: TIFE

The Amours have been slowly but surely rolling out their next project all year. They began in the winter with their comeback single “Don’t Deserve” before following it up with “Before I Met You” in the spring. Now that summer is ending, siblings Jakiya Ayanna and Shaina Aisha couldn’t let the season say goodbye without dropping something new. Before they release another single, The Amours hold their fans over with a music video for “Before I Met You.”

“We really wanna give y’all single #3 but we’re not over the last one yet!” the sisters proclaimed on Instagram before premiering the visual this week. Instead of going the obvious lovey-dovey romantic route for the video, The Amours take us on a little road trip with a couple of their real-life girlfriends.

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The ladies take a leisurely drive through the countryside with the top down in a red convertible Mustang. They pull up to a gas station to fill up the whip and pay a visit to the attached convenience store. Dressed in matching airbrushed t-shirts and looking like snacks, Jakiya and Shaina grab some adult beverages from the cooler, sing in and around the car and capture memories with their girls. Before they bounce, a tall, dark and handsome cutie pumps their gas and flirts with one of the sisters who slides him her phone and gets the digits, leaving the door open to this potential love interest.

The video for “Before I Met You” reminds us to enjoy the remaining days of summer, spend quality time with our friends and be open to romance. The Amours don’t have to tell us twice! Watch them cruise into a new season below.

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