Terrace Martin & Alex Isley Take Us To ‘Paradise’ In Los Angeles With Their Sade Cover

Photo Credit: Samantha J

We love it when two of our faves get together to make amazing music. We love it even more when that collaboration is completely unexpected. That’s the case with Terrace Martin and Alex Isley, two artists that we absolutely adore, who are coming together for an as-yet-untitled collaborative album this fall. They announce the upcoming set with a sublime cover of Sade’s chart-topping single “Paradise.”

Their take on the track is actually more mellow than Sade’s 1988 original, a feat we didn’t think was possible. Terrace and Alex achieve this by stripping things back to let the song’s signature bass line act as the foundation. After letting it simmer for a bit, Alex’s vocal floats in on the wind and ushers in other elements — including guitar, piano and surprising horn stabs in interesting places. The two pay tender homage to the original, but it’s safe to say that they have made it all their own.

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For the song’s video, they turn to fellow artist Child. who, in turn, delivers a love letter to their hometown of Los Angeles. Images of ordinary life in the City of Angels are interspersed with the extraordinary and artistic as we see the world from the vantage point of two young girls (who happen to be Child.’s nieces). The clip is obviously influenced by works such as Random Acts Of Flyness and the collection of videos that accompanied Solange’s When I Get Home. However, it gives everything a uniquely LA flavor.

“I’ve worked with a lot of people, but none are like Alex Isley, she is the soothing voice of Los Angeles,” Terrace said about his collaborator while talking about how his hometown influenced the work. “This song ‘Paradise’ is a representation of where we come from and how we feel about the city of Los Angeles.”

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Though a date hasn’t been announced just yet, “Paradise” has caused this collaborative project between Terrace Martin and Alex Isley to leapfrog to the top of our list of anticipated releases. Get into a stream of the single below and then stick around to watch the inventive music video below.

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