Samoht Captures Our Hearts & The Last Days Of Summer With ‘Pool’

Photo Credit Samoht/Facebook

Samoht made a splash this summer when he dropped his cool, calm and refreshing cut “Moonlight.” The song was a welcome oasis in the hot and bothered flood of singles that washed over the airwaves over the past few months. Now that Summer 2023 is soon to become a memory (put down your pumpkin spice, we still have a week), the singer-songwriter is back to give us one last breezy single with “Pool.”

“Pool” is all about that moment when like develops into love. For the singer, it happens in the small moments — thoughts of them together, the moments leading up to their meeting. It’s all got him feeling all warm inside and ready to let his feelings flow.

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“I’m meeting you by the pool / I’ma be there, baby / I’m meeting you right by the pool,” he sings on the chorus, professing his readiness to dive deeper into their growing love.

Assisting him in delivering his heartfelt message is production built around a hazy synth line, tinkling piano and drums as steady as the constant breeze on a late summer day. It all makes for a languorous, pleasurable listen that perfectly frames the effortless perfection of Samoht’s voice.

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Summer may soon be over, but we have a feeling that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Samoht before the year is up. Until then, savor the fleeting moments of the best season when you listen to “Pool” below.

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