Raiche Needs A ‘Big Daddy’

Photo Credit: Brittany “BJ” Houston-Johnson

Like many women, Raiche has a list of things that she needs in a man. Any fella even thinking about stepping to her has to be romantic, in tune with her love language and ready to put her first, to name a few traits. Or, to hear her tell it on her newest single, she is looking for a “Big Daddy.”

The songstress decided to redefine the term for her purposes. According to Raiche, “It describes what I am looking for in a future partner. A real man who treats me well.” Treating her well includes making sure that she’s taken care of, especially in the bedroom.

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Raiche keeps it seductive and suggestive as she sings to her “Big Daddy” over a rhythmic sound bed of bass, guitar and drums. She sets a sensual scene for intimacy. “Late-night heaven, barely dressed / Oh, I’m dressed for you / High heel stepping / You just stepped in, what you ’bout to prove / Big daddy / Come take real good care of me,” she serenades her Mr. Right, inviting him to put it down.

Released alongside a visualizer directed by Violeta Boix, Raiche keeps it sexy for the clip. Although there are no intimate moments or a love scene between the singer and her “Big Daddy,” she fills the screen with her presence. Raiche sings and works the camera dressed in all red to match the room’s walls. She’s solo for most of the video until she’s joined by a bass player and drummer later, but all eyes are meant to be on her.

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“Big Daddy” is Raiche’s first single of 2023, and we have our fingers crossed that there’s more heat like this on the way from the freckled beauty before the year ends. Signed to GDE/Island Prolific/Atlantic Records, we’re eagerly awaiting her debut album after wearing her EP Drive out. Join us in keeping an ear to the ground for what’s next from Raiche after you listen to and watch “Big Daddy” right here, right now.

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