Naomi Sharon Shares Her ‘Definition Of Love’ From Debut Album ‘Obsidian’

Photo Credit: Naomi Sharon/YouTube

All eyes are on Naomi Sharon. That’s to be expected with her stunning beauty and bombshell figure. Her appearance aside, it’s her talent that has really caught people’s attention, including Drake. Earlier this year he announced that he’d signed Naomi to his label OVO Sound, making her the first woman on the imprint. After dropping concurrent singles “Another Life” and “Celestial” and their corresponding visuals, the first lady of OVO is now gearing up for the release of her debut album Obsidian. Before its arrival in October, she shares another single from the album that she’s named “Definition Of Love.”

Naomi calls “Definition Of Love” her “love anthem,” and she’s in deep. She is totally enamored with everything about her partner and lets it be known. Sharon opens the track over icy synths and the sound of rippling water while she sings, “Caught in your gaze / Your mind is amazing / There’s too much to say / My heart is ablaze.”

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She smoothly glides right into the chorus. “All I see / All I know / Is that you are the definition of love / I won’t rest / Til you know for sure / That you are the definition of love,” she pours into her loved one with vocals that sound like the second coming of Sade. Bass then drops into the track, and the pace changes to a vibey, downtempo bop with the addition of heavier synths and percussion.

While the song is a vibe, the “Definition Of Love” video is a whole mood. Directed by Morian Thomas, it’s mostly Naomi on a white set, but it’s anything but plain. She mesmerizes viewers with her hair and outfit changes, come-hither gazes into the camera and overall alluring aura.

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“Definition Of Love” is some of Naomi Sharon’s finest work to date, and she has much more to come. Obsidian will be released on Friday, October 6th and can be pre-saved on digital music streamers now. She also has a feature coming up on her OVO labelmate Majid Jordan’s new single “Waiting For You,” dropping this week.

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