Musiq Soulchild Serves Up A Visual For ‘white rice déjà vu’

Photo Credit: Musiq Soulchild/YouTube

Musiq Soulchild’s partnership with producer Hit-Boy on the album Victims & Villains isn’t the only dynamic duo associated with this release. The singer-songwriter and director Caleb Seales have proven to be a winning combo on the visual tip. The pair have collaborated to bring the songs from Victims & Villains to life with music videos for almost every track. They’ve only got a few to go, and the latest is for “white rice déjà vu.”

On “white rice déjà vu,” Musiq likens a romantic relationship to comfort food and the sweet memories it triggers. “You would think it’s white rice by the way we spoon / Shut the blinds, and we sleep till noon,” he sings after having a meeting in his bedroom with his lady. He knows they can’t stay there in bed all day, yet he doesn’t want this moment to end. He puts it all out there on the chorus, singing, “Girl, you make it hard to say goodbye, like déjà vu / Familiar feeling, don’t say you’re leaving, no.”

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Soulchild and Seales bring a cosmic flair to the “white rice déjà vu” visual. There are intergalactic scenes of a couple in bed, slow dancing and walking with their suitcases (a clever metaphor for their personal baggage) amongst the stars and galaxies to show how out of this world their love thing is.

Musiq keeps things more down to earth in his scenes. We view him singing while lounging on a bed of colorful linen, surrounded by printed throw pillows and fine fabrics draped on the walls and from the ceiling. The uniquely decorated room with soft lighting makes for an exotic love den.

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Musiq Soulchild and Caleb Seales aren’t finished feeding fans with Victims & Villains videos yet, but take some time to digest “white rice déjà vu” when you watch it below.

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