Mumu Fresh Declares A ‘State Of Emergency’

Photo Credit: Ruben Rodriguez

Floods in the desert. Ice storms out west. Massively destructive hurricanes and unseasonably scorching temperatures worldwide. With all the forewarnings and the clear modern manifestation, one has to wonder whether we as humans simply do not care about the effects of climate change or if it all seems too daunting of a task to address. Never one to hold her creative tongue, consummate artist Mumu Fresh issues a call to action about the global climate crisis with her latest single “State Of Emergency.”

Mumu’s fiery tone is flushed with urgency as she glides over the Vidal Davis-produced track that she co-wrote with Carvin Haggins and Steph Chambers. “No time for the poli-tricks / ’Cause we can’t lose focus, feeling so hopeless / All that’s been broken, it needs to be fixed / Sign of the times, it’s coming quick / And we can’t wait on the government / This is a state of emergency,” she wails.

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Though not the sexiest subject matter, whether you believe all the things scientists have been saying for decades (or your own eyes) or not, it’s clear that something is going on. Rather than do nothing, Mumu chooses to use her art to rally the masses.

The accompanying lyric video, created by FreedomWryta, takes an in-your-face approach with a collection of real footage of global devastation including pollution, floods and wildfires. In the video’s description, Mumu writes, “This song is a call to action for ‘We the People’ to start taking climate change more seriously and start implementing changes on every level we can. It’s not enough to wait on the government. We have to demand change and also be prepared to make lifestyle changes ourselves that put our money where our mouths are.”

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Stream Mumu Fresh’s “State Of Emergency” and view its lyric video below. If she has inspired you to do something about the climate crisis no matter how small, then her work is done. Climate change is everyone’s problem.

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