Majid Jordan & Naomi Sharon Make Beautiful Music Together With ‘Waiting For You’

Photo Credit: Majid Jordan/Instagram

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s the consistency of Canadian duo Majid Jordan. The twosome has been putting out their vibey take on R&B since 2014 and most recently blessed us in 2021 with their effort Wildest Dreams. They’re now back like clockwork as they begin to prepare us for what they’ve got next. To that effect, they’ve given us the first listen by teaming up with their OVO Sound labelmate, singer Naomi Sharon, for the new single “Waiting For You.”

The trio of performers are a winning combination. Jordan Ullman, Majid Jordan’s production half, crafts a groove that’s reminiscent of Sade's 1980s sound. Smooth guitar melds with synth chords and a calming drum rhythm that sways gingerly. It provides a silky backdrop for the group’s vocalist Majid Al-Maskati and Naomi to duet.

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Naomi begins first, singing on the opening verse, “On the face, a kiss on the face no no / Don’t run away, don’t run away / Now these days all feel grey, it’s okay / I’m here on my own, but not for long.” Majid soon joins here with romantic sentiments of his own. “I’m willing to look like a fool / In the quiet I pray for you,” he sings. “No more anger only love inside / Close my eyes, feel alive.”

The two meet on the song’s chorus, a command to hold on for the love that will soon bloom between them. “Hang on / There’s another one waiting for you,” they repeat in unison as the song’s woozy rhythm sends us further under the song's spell.

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“Waiting For You” is Majid Jordan at their finest, and the addition of Naomi Sharon only makes it all the sweeter. See what we mean when you listen to the song right here. Then stick around to catch throwback vibes as the trio performs in the song’s lyric video.

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