LION BABE Is All About The Now On ‘Love Another Time’

Photo Credit: Lion Babe/Facebook

LION BABE is gearing up to make us sweat it out on the dance floor with their upcoming album The House Of LION BABE. We’ve already had previews of how they intend to make our bodies move with singles “Thinkin Bout You” and “Body Work.” Now that they’ve got our attention, the duo is ready to take things to the next level with their new single “Love Another Time.”

The twosome enters the track with heavy momentum as Astro Raw makes the drum machine work overtime to keep the track’s breakneck pace. It’s soon joined by a hypnotic synth line and vocalist Jillian Hervey’s as she delivers the first iteration of the song’s chorus. “We can fall in love another time / I can feel it, baby, she sings with fervent urgency. “We can fall in love another time / But right now I’m here tonight.”

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The song’s message of living in the moment fits the track’s vibe and captures the feel of a night out dancing to smokin’ hot grooves. It’s fitting, then, that the song gets hotter than Nelly as Jillian describes how she plans to turn the party out. “Walk up in the club, stop, strike a pose / Take a lil’ hit, anything goes / Hold up, bend over, touch ya toes,” she chants. “Wiggle that wiggle that boys get froze / Confidence high, custom clothes / Body on fire, let’s get chose.”

It’s giving ’90s house, and we can’t get enough. Luckily, LION BABE has promised us more to come (even if they haven’t committed to a release date for The House Of LION BABE just yet). Prepare yourself to dance all night when you listen to “Love Another Time” right here.

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