Jade Novah Looks To The Stars For Love On ‘What’s Your Sign?’

Photo Credit: Jade Novah/Instagram

Singer-songwriter Jade Novah is back at it again! She’s already hit us off thrice this year with a trio of lovely singles — “Butterfly,” “Like That” and “Affirm Me.” Now the honey-voice performer is ready to take us to the stars, astrologically speaking, as she uses her latest single to ask the time-honored question “What’s Your Sign?”

While that phrase has become one of the corniest pickup lines around, Jade flips it as she looks for compatibility within the zodiac. With bumping production provided by her partner in music and life Devin Johnson, she coasts her way into the conversation with by getting straight to the point.

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“Tell me, what’s your sign? / ’Cause what you givin’ feels compatible with mine / I’m a Gemini,” she sings at the song’s start. “Need a twin flame to blow me away / Who keep that good energy / And love me to my inner zone.” Those sentiments cascade into a conversation about the big three (rising, sun and moon) and the traits she’s bringing to the table as she searches for love.

We don’t know if it’s the way the beat knocks, the way she rides it with her lovely vocal or the combination of the two, but we’re digging what she’s putting down here. You might want to have your birth chart handy as you get in tune with Jade Novah by listening to “What’s Your Sign?” below.

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